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The Dirty Secret by Brent Wolfingbarger

The Dirty Secret

by Brent Wolfingbarger

Giveaway ends June 20, 2012.

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Here are some websites I have found enlightening and/or entertaining over the years (even if I don't always agree with their opinions.)  Check 'em out and let me know what you think.

Real Clear Politics (great interactive site focused on the Electoral College)


Politics & Prose Bookstore Mountaineer Message Board

Victor Davis Hanson

Bright Innovation Blog

Gaithersburg Book Festival blog

West Virginia Book Festival blog

West Virginia Book Company

Taylor Books

D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.

Barry Eisler

Joe Konrath

Jane Friedman 

Stephen Coonts

Volokh Conspiracy (Professor Orin Kerr's opinions on digital evidence issues are highly regarded, but I don't know much about the other contributors)


Electronic Frontier Foundation



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Theodore Rex
Angels and Demons
A Time to Kill
The Hunt for Red October
Red Storm Rising
Team Yankee
Rising Sun
The Essential Calvin and Hobbes
The Confusion
The System of the World
Old Man's War
The Ghost Brigades
The Last Colony
Parliament of Whores: A Lone Humorist Attempts to Explain the Entire U.S. Government
Holidays in Hell
Give War a Chance: Eyewitness Accounts of Mankind's Struggle Against Tyranny, Injustice, and Alcohol-Free Beer
Republican Party Reptile: The Confessions, Adventures, Essays and (Other) Outrages of P.J. O'Rourke

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Welcome to the official website of Brent Wolfingbarger, author of THE DIRTY SECRET, a political thriller that has received rave reviews by viewers on both Amazon and Goodreads.


Feel free to look around and kick the tires on this puppy.  And let us know what you think about both the website and Brent's new book, THE DIRTY SECRET!